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Two luxury watches in stainless steel and yellow gold.

The difference between waterproof and water-resistant

THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN WATER PROOF AND WATER RESISTANT Before you take your new watch anywhere near...
on January 05, 2023
two watches with a leather band and a stainless steel bracelet.

Leather straps vs. sports straps

LEATHER STRAPS VS. SPORTS STRAPS Whether you are purchasing your very first luxury, high quality timepiece...
on December 30, 2022
Patek Philippe watch in rose gold

3 things to consider after purchasing a luxury watch

3 THINGS TO CONSIDER AFTER PURCHASING A LUXURY WATCH The soft glow of the lights ushers...
on December 27, 2022
man wearing watch with hand in pocket

What your watch says about you

WHAT YOUR WATCH SAYS ABOUT YOU Have you heard the expression “wearing your heart on your...
on December 24, 2022
Mens luxury watch with black dial and white gold case.

Luxury Timepieces: More than just a brand.

LUXURY TIMEPIECES: MORE THAN JUST A BRAND   If clothes make the man, so can a...
on December 23, 2022
breitling watch

Timepieces for athletic and adventurous explorers

TIMEPIECES FOR ATHLETIC AND ADVENTUROUS EXPLORERS Do you enjoy the great outdoors? Are you athletic? Do...
on December 13, 2022