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Girl with blue top wearing diamond, ruby, emerald and sapphire bangles

Stacking: a trend that is not going away

STACKING: A TREND THAT IS NOT GOING AWAY Wearing multiple bangles and necklaces has been around...
on January 13, 2023
diamond engagement rings

Engagement Ring Shopping tips - part 2

ENGAGEMENT RING SHOPPING TIPS PART 2 As all couples both young and old know, falling in...
on January 13, 2023
Young couple with hand around her shoulder shopping for engagement rings

Engagement Ring shopping tips Part 1

ENGAGEMENT RING SHOPPING TIPS PART 1 Depending on how nervous you are to propose, shopping for...
on January 13, 2023
Men's engagement rings with diamonds

Engagement Rings for him - Mangagement Rings

ENGAGEMENT RINGS FOR HIM Engagement rings are no longer just for the ladies, the groom to...
on January 12, 2023
diamond ring in yellow gold

Your jewelry is not as clean as you think.

YOUR JEWELRY IS NOT AS CLEAN AS YOU THINK If you spill something on your shirt,...
on January 12, 2023
diamond engagement ring

The difference between a platinum and a white gold setting

THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN PLATINUM AND WHITE GOLD To an untrained eye it might be hard to...
on January 12, 2023