Do you enjoy the great outdoors? Are you athletic? Do you feel at home in the sky, or under the sea? If your answer is yes, you should have a watch that will be just right for your lifestyle. Something that's sophisticated looking but able to keep up the pace with your dynamic life.

At Hamra Jewelers, we proudly carry a variety of luxury watches. We have watches for every occasion, including watches that would be right at home on the wrist of an athlete or bold explorer. If you see yourself a rough and tumble citizen of the world, consider getting one of these handsome watches.


Just because a watch is considered luxury, that does not mean that it can only be worn for special occasions. Some watches are made to look amazing AND be practical for people with active lifestyles. You don't want to take a diamond-studded designer watch with you on a hike or while lifting weights. Any watch that is adorned with stones that could chip or break off isn't going to be a good watch for exercise and outdoor activities.

Most luxury watch companies product sports watches that are made to hold up to the pressures of intense activities. If you are an athlete or intrepid explorer, you will want to get a sports watch, a pilots watch or a diving watch. Luckily Rolex, Patek Philippe and Breitling produce these kinds of models to cater to their customers who want to take their watches everywhere, be it  from the top of Everest to the bottom of the ocean.

rolex submariner

For watches that are stylish, luxurious, and hardy, it is hard not to go along with one of Rolex's Submariner models. These are a line of sports watches that have been designed by Rolex for diving. They are resistant to both water and corrosion and are waterproof to a maximum depth of 300 m (1000 ft.)

Submariners are equipped with a unidirectional Cerachrom rotatable bezel which allows divers to accurately monitor diving time and decompression stops with its engraved 60 minute graduations of time. It comes with a luminescent capsule so it remains easy to read, even in the darkest conditions underwater. 

breitling aviator chronograph

One of the most dependable pilot watches, the Breitling Aviator combines exquisite form with precise function. Pilot watches are designed to withstand the wear and tear of traveling; The Aviator is no different. it comes with a power reserve of more than 70 hours and a display featuring 30 minute and 12 hour counters. This self-winding watch is built to last.

patek philippe nautilus

This sports watch by Patek Philippe is sleek and strong and is water resistant to a depth of 120 m. The dial has hour markers with luminescent coating, making the watch functional and easy to use in dark conditions. It has a self-winding mechanical movement, and some models feature an annual calendar with moon phases. It is a great watch for diving, hiking, and all sorts of other outdoor activities.