Have you heard the expression “wearing your heart on your sleeve”? We do that whenever we wear a watch, whether we realize it or not. Our watches have a lot in common with our hearts: They both tick, they both keep time, and they both tell us who we are. Your watch tells people about your taste, your wealth, your station in life, what you know, and maybe even where you’ve been.

Unlike your clothes, your car, or your home, your watch is always on you. It is constant — it’s the first thing many people will see about you and the one thing they’ll keep seeing in the future. It’s a narrative on your arm, an introduction, a social cover letter wrapped around your wrist.

At Hamra Jewelers, we know the kind of messages that our watches send out. Our very knowledgeable staff, who are as passionate about watches as our customers, would love to show you our collection and help you find the right watch. If you’re wondering what your watch is saying, we’ve got a few principles listed here about what messages certain watch styles send out.

the right time

If you love watches and want to make them a part of your life, consider investing in three different watches. A luxury watch can be a major investment, and there will be certain occasions and moments in your life when it may be inappropriate to wear it. Get a watch that is suitable for your job. You’ll wear this watch more than any other ones, so make sure the “work watch” you get projects the right image.

You should also have a watch used for sober, formal occasions like dinner parties, weddings, and funerals; something that is tasteful but doesn’t call too much attention to itself. And finally, you should consider getting a robust, durable watch for holidays, sports and athletic activities.

Owning multiple watches and knowing when to alternate between them can say a lot about you. It shows that you’re the kind of person who’s aware of their surroundings, who knows when to put on the ritz and when to take it off, who’s prepared for any situation. To have a watch for all seasons makes you a man (or woman) for all seasons.

a piece of history

Many watches have rich, deep histories. Wearing certain styles of watches can show that you have an appreciation for that history, that you respect the craftsmanship of a Patek Philippe or admire the style and functionality of a Rolex Yacht-Master. A good timepiece is also an excellent conversation piece; choosing a piece with a fascinating background gives you something interesting to talk about in any new social interaction.

bigger is bolder

The size of your watch’s dial can say a lot about you. For one thing, it can be a statement on gender: traditionally a bigger watch dial is seen as more masculine. A man wearing a watch with a large dial is telling the world that he’s a man’s man, bold and adventurous. Dial sizes are often the one key difference that distinguishes men’s watches from women’s watches, but over the years, it’s become trendy for women to wear men’s watches as a fashion statement.

it's hip to be square

While the vast majority of watches have a round case, there are some companies that produce watches with square cases. They’re still uncommon enough to be considered an unconventional choice, and most square watches on the market are produced by luxury brands. If you want to stand out and tell people that you aren’t afraid to buck tradition and try new things while also projecting an aura of wealth and power, a watch with a square case is a great way to say it.

diamonds are a man's best friend

Diamonds aren’t just a girl’s best friend anymore. While in the past only women’s watches were adorned with diamonds, men’s watches laced with diamonds have been growing in popularity. Diamonds have a classy, elegant look. They project taste and an appreciation for the finer things in life. If you want to show the world that you’re the kind of person who wants nothing but the very best, a diamond watch is the way to go.

no bones about it

If you want to look like a risk taker and a fan of innovation, a skeleton dial watch could be right up your alley. While they’ve been produced since the 1920’s, it’s only recently that the intricate style of the skeleton dial has become appreciated by the fashion world. Skeleton dial watches have exquisite craftsmanship and elegant precision; combine that with their often unusual and bold designs and it’s no wonder they’re the watch of choice for mavericks, artists, and eccentric geniuses.