Our collection of beautiful gemstone cocktail rings is a vivid celebration of colors, designs, and the natural beauty of gemstones, each piece making a bold statement. This assortment could cater to an array of preferences, showcasing different stones, settings, and metals to create wearable art pieces that are as diverse as they are dazzling.

Cocktail Rings

Ruby & Diamond Ring

5.32 Carats

Hamra Jewelers in Scottsdale, Arizona, is renowned for its stunning collection of cocktail rings that combine bold designs with exquisite craftsmanship. These statement pieces are perfect for enhancing any evening attire or adding a touch of glamour to everyday wear. Hamra's cocktail rings feature a diverse array of designs, from vintage-inspired aesthetics to modern, avant-garde styles, ensuring there is something to suit every taste and occasion.

Each ring is meticulously crafted with a focus on both luxury and detail. Customers can choose from a variety of precious metals and an impressive range of gemstones including sapphires, rubies, emeralds, and more, all of which are selected for their exceptional clarity, color, and cut. The settings of these gemstones are designed to maximize their brilliance and impact, making each cocktail ring a true work of art.

Whether you're looking for a show-stopping piece featuring a large, single gemstone or a more intricate design adorned with a cluster of sparkling stones, Hamra Jewelers offers bespoke services that allow for personalization and creativity. Shopping at Hamra guarantees not only a beautiful, high-quality ring but also a memorable buying experience in their luxurious Scottsdale boutique.