Our collection of beautiful gemstone cocktail rings is a vivid celebration of colors, designs, and the natural beauty of gemstones, each piece making a bold statement. This assortment could cater to an array of preferences, showcasing different stones, settings, and metals to create wearable art pieces that are as diverse as they are dazzling.

Cocktail Rings

Radiant Cut Yellow Diamond Ring

15.72 Carats

Radiant Cut Yellow Diamond Ring

6.35 Carats

Cushion Cut Pink Diamond Ring

5.95 Carats

Fancy Yellow Oval Shaped Diamond Ring

5.87 Carats

Radiant Cut Pink Diamond Ring

3.43 Carats

Paraiba Type Tourmaline & Diamond Ring

8.64 Carats

Cushion Cut Sapphire & Diamond Ring

8.80 Carats

Radiant Yellow Diamond Ring

4.27 Carats

Fancy Yellow Radiant Cut Diamond Ring

3.00 Carat Center

Emerald & Sapphire Ring

5.54 Carats

Sapphire & Diamond Ring

5.81 Carats

Sapphire & Diamond Ring

10.16 Carats