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Engagement rings featuring uniquely shaped center diamonds like marquis, moval, heart shaped and more in various styles and sizes.  Shop now for you uniquely shaped diamond engagement ring at Hamra Jewelers in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Unique Shapes

Moval Shaped Diamond Ring

4.20 Carat Center

Moval Shaped Diamond Ring

2.00 Carat Center

Moval Shaped Diamond Ring

2.00 Carat Center

Heart Shaped Diamond Ring

3.53 Carat Center

Heart Shaped Diamond Ring

2.00 Carat Center

Hamra Jewelers in Scottsdale, Arizona, offers an exclusive selection of moval and heart-shaped diamond rings that cater to those seeking a blend of uniqueness and romantic symbolism in their jewelry. Each design celebrates love and commitment, making them perfect for engagements, anniversaries, or special romantic gestures.

Moval Diamond Rings: Moval diamonds, a hybrid between a marquise and an oval cut, boast elegantly elongated shapes with rounded ends. This unique cut creates a soft, captivating appearance while maintaining a brilliant sparkle. Hamra Jewelers’ moval diamond rings are expertly crafted to highlight the distinctive beauty of each stone, set in settings that enhance their individual charm and maximize their visual impact. These rings are available in various styles, from simple, classic solitaires to more elaborate designs with diamond halos or intricate band details.

Heart-Shaped Diamond Rings: Symbolizing love and affection, heart-shaped diamond rings at Hamra Jewelers are crafted with precision to perfect the iconic shape and brilliance of the diamonds. These rings are especially favored for romantic occasions, reflecting passion and personal sentiment. Available in a range of settings, from sleek and modern to vintage-inspired designs, each ring is designed to showcase the emotional significance and exquisite craftsmanship.

Both moval and heart-shaped rings at Hamra Jewelers are available in a selection of fine metals, including platinum, white, yellow, and rose gold, offering versatility to suit any preference. Additionally, Hamra provides customization options, allowing clients to create a truly bespoke piece that captures their vision and love story.