Gemstone Rings

Hamra Jewelers feature an exquisite and eclectic selection of gemstone rings. We create unique custom gemstone ring designs that will become family heirlooms and make for the perfect engagement, wedding, or anniversary ring.

Our knowledge and expertise of gemstone ring styles, trends, and the finest diamonds and gems is reflected in the designs we have chosen from sources worldwide, as well as our custom designs. Building a collection as unique as ours is possible only with the talents and expertise of a knowledgeable staff and the excellent relationships and reputation we have with our designers and suppliers. It is our joy and passion to be your source for the finest in gemstones. We search for the best and brightest with our clients in mind…piece by piece, designer by designer, gemstone by gemstone.

Hamra Jewelers offers exemplary after-sales service. These services include ring adjustments, gemstone replacement, polishing and cleaning. Our desire is to have a lifetime relationship with every customer, winning their trust and loyalty as we care for their precious purchases.

Gemstone Rings

Fancy Yellow Oval Shaped Diamond Ring

5.87 Carats

Fancy Yellow Diamond Ring

6.32 Carats

Fancy Yellow Pear Shaped Diamond Ring

4.05 Carats

Ruby & Diamond Ring

3.03 Carat Center

Oval Shaped Yellow Diamond Ring

3.53 Carats

Fancy Yellow Diamond Ring

2.89 Carats

Emerald & Sapphire Embrace Ring

4.44 Carats

Emerald & Diamond Ring

3.88 Carats

Oval Shaped Yellow Diamond Ring

1.84 Carats

Oval Shaped Yellow Diamond Ring

2.36 Carats

Pink Sapphire & Diamond Ring

2.93 Carat Center

Rubellite & Diamond Ring

11.75 Carats