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Gemstone Cut

Center Stone Cut

Engagement rings featuring a fancy colored center diamond like fancy yellow, pink diamonds and more in various styles and sizes.  Shop now for your fancy colored diamond engagement ring at Hamra Jewelers in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Fancy Color

Radiant Cut Yellow Diamond Ring

15.72 Carats

Radiant Yellow Diamond Ring

4.27 Carats

Fancy Yellow Radiant Cut Diamond Ring

3.00 Carat Center

Fancy Yellow Radiant Diamond Ring

2.39 Carats

Radiant Cut Yellow Diamond Ring

6.35 Carats

Yellow Radiant Cut Diamond Ring

5.48 Carats

Yellow Diamond Ring

4.11 Carats

Fancy Yellow Cushion Cut Diamond Ring

3.55 Carats

Fancy Yellow Radiant Cut Diamond Ring

4.02 Carats

Fancy Yellow Pear Shaped Diamond Ring

4.05 Carats

Fancy Yellow Oval Shaped Diamond Ring

5.87 Carats

Fancy Yellow Diamond Ring

6.32 Carats

Hamra Jewelers in Scottsdale, Arizona, proudly showcases an exquisite collection of yellow and pink diamond engagement rings, offering luxurious and distinctive alternatives to traditional white diamonds. These rings are perfect for those seeking to make a unique statement with their engagement jewelry, combining vivid colors with exceptional brilliance.

Yellow Diamond Rings: Hamra's selection of yellow diamond engagement rings captures the warmth and radiance of these rare gems. Each yellow diamond is carefully selected for its vibrant hue and clarity, set in designs that enhance the stone’s natural brilliance. From classic solitaires framed by a halo of white diamonds to intricate custom settings that reflect contemporary or vintage styles, these rings are as unique as they are beautiful.

Pink Diamond Rings: The pink diamond rings at Hamra Jewelers are truly captivating, offering subtle yet striking color tones that range from delicate pastels to deeper blushes. These exceptionally rare diamonds are set in settings that accentuate their romantic hue, making each ring a symbol of love and rarity. Options include elegant solitaire settings that focus attention on the pink diamond’s natural beauty, as well as more elaborate designs that combine pink diamonds with other precious stones for added allure.

Both the yellow and pink diamond rings at Hamra Jewelers are available in a variety of precious metal settings, including platinum and white, yellow, or rose gold, providing ample options for personalization and style. For those who desire a completely unique piece, Hamra also offers bespoke design services, allowing clients to create a personalized engagement ring that perfectly captures their vision and sentiment.