Marking a special wedding anniversary with an anniversary ring is a wonderful tradition that signifies your true commitment and devotion to your spouse. A beautiful anniversary ring is both elegant and timeless. It’s not just a ring, but also a statement of your love.

When it comes to “the right time” to purchase an anniversary ring, there are all kinds of traditions and customs that people may try to impose on you. At Hamra Jewelers, we maintain that it is up to the individual couple as to when and how to choose a meaningful anniversary ring. Here are a few tips we share with our customers that can help you find something special for you and your spouse.

emerald cut diamond engagement rings

consider your spouse's style

By now, you’ve most likely started to gain an understanding of what your significant other likes when it comes to jewelry. It’s important to choose an anniversary ring that matches their style and taste. As you will want your spouse to wear the ring often, be sure you find something that they are comfortable with. 

You wouldn’t want to choose an extravagant ring for someone who would rather have something simple. If you’re not sure what their preferences are, start paying close attention and you’re sure to figure it out.
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compliment the wedding ring

Some people would prefer to wear an anniversary ring that is similar to their wedding or engagement ring. If this is the case with your significant other, be sure to keep that in mind with your search. 

Look for something with consistent stones and metal types that will complement the wedding ring.
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custom design with meaning

Others would prefer to go in a completely different direction from their wedding ring when it comes to an anniversary ring. Your spouse might like something that is totally unique but has special meaning between the two of you. This might include significant birthstones representing each other or any children that are involved.

You may decide to choose an anniversary ring that features a colored diamond or a gemstone such as a ruby or a sapphire instead.  There are no rules that say all anniversary rings should have diamonds.

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eternity band

If you are absolutely stuck on knowing what type of anniversary ring to get for your spouse, we’ll give you two suggestions where you can’t go wrong. 

The first is an eternity band. This is a simple and subtle way to show your commitment and love for your spouse. Hamra has several eternity bands to choose from including both simple and elaborate styles depending on what you want.
three round brilliant cut diamond ring with accent diamonds in yellow gold.

3 stone ring

The second of our two suggestions for those who can’t decide what to get when it comes to an anniversary ring is a 3-stone ring. Now here’s a ring that makes a strong statement about your relationship. 

Many 3-stone rings include 3 diamonds, although there are some that also incorporate a gemstone too. We have several examples of beautiful 3-stone anniversary rings on our website.

If you have questions about anniversary rings or you would like to see the many choices we offer at Hamra Jewelers, please feel free to give us a call at 480-946-5110.