There is perhaps no other piece of jewelry better known or beloved than a diamond ring. Throughout history, diamond rings have been highly favored and sought after for their beauty and tradition. They seem to make a statement of sentiment and love that no other piece of jewelry can.

Among diamond rings, the three stone ring is a gorgeous and meaningful piece that holds many different meanings for different people. Sometimes called Trilogy Rings or Trinity Rings, three stone diamond rings are a beautiful alternative to the traditional solitaire ring. The reason for three stones is typically representative of something the wearer believes in or has strong feelings about.

three stone emerald cut diamond ring in platinum

what does "three" mean to you?

At Hamra Jewelers, we know that the significance of the three diamonds in a three stone ring is different from one person to the next. To some, the three stones represent the special bond that exists between parents and a child. The stones represent father, mother, and child. 

Others use three stone rings to signify a special anniversary of three years, or three special people in their lives. Some will tie their own specific meaning to the three stones that are completely unique. There are so many distinct reasons for having the three stones. The important part is that the reason matters to the one who is wearing it.
three stone round brilliant cut diamond ring in yellow gold

past, present & future

A popular designation for the three stone ring over the last few years is the "Past, Present & Future." 

The past represents the history you have together, the present you are currently spending with your significant other and the future you choose to have together.
three stone ring featuring an emerald, two sapphires and diamond accents set in platinum

engagements, marriages and anniversaries

There are no specific rules that prevent those who buy and give three stone rings from using them in any occasion. We see them purchased as engagement rings often as well as for anniversary gifts. 

In some cases, the ring will be designed to incorporate other precious or semi-precious stones such as sapphires, emeralds or rubies. Varying sizes and shapes can give your ring a unique and memorable look.

These are just a few of the representations of a three stone ring. One thing to remember is that there doesn’t have to be meaning at all to enjoy the look and design of these rings. Many people wear them simply because they love the style of the ring. 

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