Your engagement ring can say a lot about you. Like every article of clothing we wear, it can speak volumes about our tastes, our backgrounds, who we are and who we aspire to be. Which begs the question: What does your engagement ring say about you?

At Hamra Jewelers, we know that every engagement ring tells a story. Each ring is as different as the person who wears it. Saying definitively “If you have this kind of ring, you’re this kind of person” would be impossible. What we can point out are some common trends and assumptions that people notice and make based on certain ring styles and factors.

The shape of your stone can say a lot about you. While most engagement rings tend to feature a round or princess cut stone, there are many other different cuts available. A subtle but easy way to convey that you have unique and unconventional tastes would be to get a ring with an uncommon cut. Getting a round diamond, on the other hand, could show that you love classic styles and traditions.

A diamond’s cut is extremely important to the stone’s value. To determine the cut grade of the standard round brilliant diamond – the shape that dominates the majority of diamond jewelry – GIA calculates the proportions of those facets that influence the diamond’s face-up appearance. These proportions allow GIA to evaluate how successfully a diamond interacts with light to create desirable visual effects such as:

Brightness:    Internal and external white light reflected from a diamond

Fire:    The scattering of white light into all the colors of the rainbow

Scintillation:    The amount of sparkle a diamond produces, and the pattern of light and dark areas caused by reflections within the diamond.

Anatomy of a diamond - image indicating parts of a diamond


engagement ring with a radiant cut diamond

Radiant Cut

engagement ring with an emerald cut diamond

Emerald Cut

engagement ring with an oval cut diamond

Oval Cut

engagement ring with a princess cut diamond

Princess Cut

engagement ring with a pear shaped diamond

Pear Shaped

engagement ring with a marquis shaped diamond

Marquis Shaped

ruby ring with yellow and white diamonds
emerald ring with diamonds
yellow and white diamond ring

The cut doesn’t just impact the shape of the stone. It can also have an effect on the clarity and size of the stone. Some cuts, like the Emerald cut, can elongate your stone and make it seem larger than it actually is. This can be great if you have long slender fingers.

Diamonds are the classic, go-to stones for most engagement rings. The sight of a diamond wedding ring is so common that colored gemstones on an engagement ring really stand out. This can be viewed as a way of showing that you are non-traditional. It could be a way to showcase your favorite color: Perhaps the bold red of a ruby speaks to you in ways that a brilliantly clear diamond doesn’t. It could even have spiritual qualities: Some couples opt to get birthstones to symbolize their love for each other.

And if you want to make your wedding ring more colorful, you don’t  necessarily have to do select a colored gemstone. There are a plethora of colorful diamonds out there that can dazzle the eye just as well as colored gemstones can. From pink to black to blue to yellow diamonds and beyond, there is a shade and hue that’s just right to capture any lover’s heart.

Another way to show off your personality and character is to have your ring customized. There could be an inscription on the inside or exterior of the band. Or maybe the ring’s setting was specially designed by your beloved? A customized ring isn’t necessarily more beautiful or classy than a ring that’s already been designed, but it shows that your other half went the extra mile to make something that you would love. And that level of commitment and care doesn’t just say a lot about the person who gave the ring, it says volumes about the person who received it.

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