Man proposing to woman in moonlight

When you have found the right person and the perfect ring, you will want to come up with a proposal idea that both fits your future fiancé’s personality, but also makes a long-lasting impression and fills them with joy and love. We have a list of the top 10 proposal ideas for you to consider as you prepare to ask that all-important question.

A Personal Touch

If you are looking for a more personalized and intimate way to pop the question, consider playing your loved one’s favorite song or taking them to their favorite romantic restaurant. Find their favorite book and underline the best line or bookmark a page that reminds you of them. All these unique, personalized touches are sure to express your love.

A Public Affair

Some couples love a more extravagant and attention-grabbing proposal. From planning a surprise party with family and friends in attendance or having words lit up on the screen at halftime of the big football game, involving a crowd can be just the energy and excitement you are looking for to celebrate such a fantastic day.

Keep it Sweet

Sometimes red roses and chocolate covered strawberries are the way to a girl’s heart. Traditional sentiments mixed with the sweetness of romantic gifts or delectable treats are sure to capture the heart of your future spouse. Sometimes the excitement is not in the frills and luxury, but in the sweet simplicity of you sharing your heart with the one you love.

Destination: Love

Beaches have been a popular proposal destination for years, and rightly so. With the waves rolling in and sand under your feet, the romance is almost magical. Still, the variety of proposal destinations is ever growing with lovers getting engaged in places like New York, France, and Greece. Whether you seek a city, a landmark, or just a mood, taking your special someone far away to ask them to be yours is a trip they will never forget.

Finding the Right Time

Making the proposal more about the “finding” rather than just the result is becoming increasingly popular. Scavenger hunts, as simple as around the house or as complex as around the state, can be set up in advance to lead your love on a hunt to find the ultimate surprise. Other people have led their significant other up into the sky to skydive, scuba diving for undersea adventures or rock climbing to new heights before finding the right moment to ask for their hand in marriage.

Photos and Videos

Another trend that we see more and more is arranging a photographer or videographer to capture the proposal as it happens. This takes careful planning and preparation, but to have the words and reaction on film would be priceless.

The Perfect Date

Out of all the days of the year, why not choose a holiday or birthday to pop the question and add one more reason to celebrate? Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, and Valentine’s Day, of course, are all wonderful days to celebrate your sweetheart saying, “Yes.” Birthdays also make a great time to celebrate that person and remind him or her just how thankful you are that they were born.

Art, Literature, Music

Tap into your artistic side and show your loved one through more creative means just how much you adore them. Writing a song or poem or creating a piece of artwork as part of your proposal not only expresses your love creatively but provides something to keep forever that was made just for that special someone.

Get Technical

There are countless apps, websites, social media tricks and other tools for the technically savvy that can really take your proposal to the next level. If the love of your life is into the latest gadgets and techy developments, capitalize on their interests and find a unique modern way to pop the question.

Four Legged Friends

Whether it is your loved one’s long-time pet or a new puppy or kitten you decide to give them as part of this new venture together, including a pet as part of your proposal is a heart-melting and loving way to show your softer side to the one you love.