At home, the office, parent-teacher conferences, dinner parties, black tie affairs, dance nights, date nights, weddings, funerals, birthday parties and graduations… our lives are one occasion after the other, strung together like pearls on a necklace. And each occasion calls for a different ensemble. It can be hard trying to figure out if your favorite necklace looks as good on you at work as it does at a cocktail party, or if that bracelet you’re planning to wear to your cousin’s wedding is just right or wrong.

Our staff at Hamra Jewelers knows our collection of fine jewelry as well as you know the back of your hand. They know which pieces can make you shine like a star at work, and which pieces will make you stick out like a sore thumb at formal occasions. If you have trouble figuring out when to wear certain pieces of jewelry, read these basic principles. Learn to ask yourself the right questions about your jewelry and the answers will become obvious.

yellow gold diamond hoop earrings

it's all about balance

No matter what outfit you’re wearing or what occasion you’re attending, the key is not to overdo it. A little bit of beautiful jewelry goes a long way. Too much can be overbearing.. If you’re wearing a stack of bracelets on one arm, don’t overload the hand on that arm with a bunch of rings. 

If you’re sporting a nice pair of oversized hoop earrings, don’t wear a necklace: both pieces will pull focus from each other. You want to create focal points and centers of attention with your jewelry, again a little can go a long way.
yellow diamond necklace pendant in yellow gold


To make your jewelry stand out, pick pieces that make a strong contrast with your outfit. If you’re at an occasion where you’re dressed in something with neutral colors and clean lines, opt for jewelry that makes a statement. 

These will add some flair and color to your look. On the other end, if your outfit has a lot of personality and vibrant colors, stick with subtle and small pieces.
sapphire and diamond necklace pendant in platinum


Some people say you should dress to impress, but you should also take care not to dress to depress. Know what kind of occasion you’re going to and the kind of people who’ll be attending. Pick pieces that will put you in a flattering light and won’t draw too much attention away from the occasion itself. 

Don’t wear the crown jewel of your collection at a wedding unless you want the bride to feel like you’re trying to steal her shine. Wearing your most expensive pieces of jewelry at a funeral could make you look crass and oblivious. You want your jewelry to make you feel good; you don’t want to end up feeling awful because you wore something wildly inappropriate.
emerald cut diamond stretch bracelet in white gold


A great piece of jewelry can also be a great conversation starter. Where you got it, who made it, what it means to you: your pieces can say so much about who you are, who you were and who you hope to be. When dressing for any occasion, ask yourself what story you can tell about the piece you’re wearing, and what stories it tells about you. 

If you have a piece that’s a real conversation starter, save it for social occasions where you’ll have the time and space to use that to your advantage. “Quieter” pieces that don’t have as much to say are ideal for work and other professional situations.
paraiba tourmanline and diamond ring in platinum


Whatever you decide to wear, wear it with confidence. Wear it like you know it was the best possible choice, the right choice, the ONLY choice for this occasion. Even if you wear something unorthodox or unusual, people will forgive a lot if they see you stand by your choice. 

Choose your style carefully, but once you make that choice live it to the fullest. Any fashion faux pas you end up committing can be smoothed over with the right mix of attitude and ease.

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