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Stacking: a trend that is not going away

Wearing multiple bangles and necklaces has been around for quite some time. At Hamra, we make it our business to know what’s popular in fashion, especially when it comes to jewelry. One of our favorite ways to wear jewelry is stacking. You can stack rings. You can stack bracelets. You can stack necklaces. This look can go from bold to subtle and everything in between.

multicolored gemstone and diamond bracelets on the wrist of a girl with her hand in her pocket

stack your bracelets

We’re especially excited about stacking bangle bracelets. We have a large selection of bracelets that can be stacked to create a statement your admirers will love. Multi-stone bracelets with diamonds, sapphires, rubies and more can all be worn together. 

stack your rings

Diamond and gemstone bands look great worn together. You no longer have to pick and choose which pieces to wear. Wear them all! Stack them strategically with complimentary pieces to highlight their beauty.

stack your necklaces

Necklace stacking can be done a few different ways. You can take two similarly sized necklaces and wear them together or have them combined with one clasp, so they are worn as one long piece. 

You can also choose to wear a short necklace and pair it with a longer necklace with a pendant. The contrast is intriguing, and the options are endless.

multi - tone stacking

Different shades of gold look great worn together. Two tones such as rose gold and white gold can make a striking statement. Sometimes wearing all one-color gold can be considered too ‘matchy matchy.’ 

The battle of the two tones is now considered a fresh way to accessorize. Pair your necklaces with pendants to give that extra pizzaz.