You lather yourself with SPF before going to the beach or pool so why not give the same care to your jewelry? Chemicals and environmental factors at summer hot spots can leave your jewelry dingy or even damaged. Here are some things to look out for as you enjoy your summertime fun.

• Chlorine is harmful to metals, including gold. Thin prongs are especially susceptible to deterioration when exposed to chlorine for extended periods of time. Certain gems also react differently to certain chemicals. If your jewelry is submerged, clean it with warm water and a gentle cleanser to remove any remaining chemicals. whether exposed to chlorine or not. Prongs are usually the first part to weaken on a piece of jewelry.

• Salt water can have a similar corrosive effect on jewelry. Lotions can become trapped in jewelry dulling your stones. The best advice we can give is to store your jewelry safely when visiting a pool or a beach. You don’t want to spend your beach day combing through sand, looking for your beautiful new ring.

• Sweat is another factor to consider as it does contain salt which, like ocean water, can eat away at the soldered points on your jewelry.

• Have your jewelry cleaned regularly. Whether you have an at-home ultrasonic cleaner or choose to use a professional cleaner, you want to make sure all environmental dirt and grime is removed frequently so it doesn’t result in build up or deterioration of the metal or gemstone(s).