Bracelets have long been a fashionable statement of style and design. From simple to complex, many women use bracelets to accessorize their clothing and add a little more flair to their presence.

Over the years, we have seen many different styles and trends come and go when it comes to using bracelets to accessorize. One style that has managed to stay relevant over the years is layering, which is wearing multiple bracelets in different widths, colors and designs all at once. Some women only wear a few layers while others will really stack the bracelets on, creating a dramatic look that is hard to miss.

Most of the time, layering of bracelets involves using pieces that compliment each other. For example, you might see mostly metal bracelets with an occasional splash of colored gemstones or diamonds. We often see chunky bracelets mixed in with very dainty, thin bracelets that add a bit of extra detail.

One very popular trend we see quite often these days islayering bracelets with a watch. It seems that wearing a timepiece on its ownis a style that comes and goes with women. Some women’s wristwatches are madeto stand alone and make their own statement. 

Adding a layer of color is a greatway to get a more dynamic look. A gemstone bracelet might be the perfect layerto your watch, giving you an eclectic look.

image of watch layered with bracelets
Image of mens bracelet with watch

Others can definitely benefit when combined with accentuating bracelets. Men have also have picked up this trend, as the popularity of men’s jewelry has increased. The watch will essentially act as the statement piece with the bracelets serving as support. 

You’ll find that once you start, you’ll begin to learn all kinds of fun tricks and ideas for layering bracelets with watches. Keep an eye open and you’ll discover that layering is happening all around you. Peoplewatching can give you new ideas to try. We see many women who match their nail or clothing color to their bracelets and timepieces. There’s no limit to what you can do.


Of course, it’s much more fun to play with layering when you have more pieces to choose from! If you are seeking an addition to your current watch collection or want to find the perfect bracelet to go with your favorite timepiece, please visit Hamra Jewelers to see what we have to offer.