Mixing metals used to be a fashion taboo, but it’s become more acceptable and popular over the years. No longer do you have to commit to just wearing yellow, white, or rose gold, titanium or silver jewelry and nothing else. Think of fashion as a playground: Children wouldn’t just stick to the monkey bars when they could use the swings and slides too, so why should you just wear silver when a gold piece catches your eye? Play around with your mixed metals!

We love helping people find pieces that make them look and feel great. At Hamra Jewelers, we have a wide assortment of jewelry in many kinds of metals. Our trained and knowledgeable staff understand how to mix metals and would be happy to show you in person how to make your gold bracelet pair with your platinum ring. If you want to know how to mix metals like a pro, follow these words of wisdom from our pros.

intention is everything

The most important thing to remember about metal mixing is to do it purposefully. You can wear contrasting colors and metals and make it work so long as it looks like you put some thought into it. The style of the pieces you’re wearing is the key — you can wear rose gold next to silver if both pieces of jewelry complement each other. If you’re wearing an Art Deco piece next to something done in a Bohemian style, it’s going to look off.

no commitment

If you’re married, remember that you are not married to your wedding ring. Just because your most important piece of jewelry is platinum or gold doesn’t mean that everything else you’re wearing has to follow suit. Feel free to play around with different colors and metal combinations.

don't think too hard about hardware

Don’t worry about whether your mixed metals match with the metals you have on your shoes or bag. You’ll drive yourself crazy trying to not only make your jewelry combinations match but align them with your hardware, too. Focus on the jewelry. 

Again, intention is everything! If what you’re wearing has rhyme and reason, it won’t matter if the clasp on your bag is yellow while you’re rocking a combination of platinum and rose gold.

mix and stack

An easy way to smoothly mix metals is to stack your jewelry. If you like to wear rings, stack different kinds of metal rings on the same finger. You can also stack bracelets this way. Mixing metals is easier to pull off if you focus it around specific areas.

Another trick to make your mixing and stacking pop is to add an extra color in your layers. Throw in a colorful woven or beaded bracelet or add in one of our gemstone rings in your favorite color. So long as it complements your style, it will look good.

take them to the bridge

When you’re mixing metals, it helps to give your mixing a visual center, something that anchors your blend of color and metals. Wear a prominent “bridge piece”, something that combines the different colors of metals you’re wearing into one piece of jewelry. This helps give your jewelry ensemble a more intentional, planned-out look. It can also be a way to mark where your mixing is happening: if the bridge piece has yellow on its left side and white on the right, try pairing your gold and silver jewelry to match those sides so it has a natural flow to it.

You can also make your mixing shine by having multiple colored stones in your bridge piece. So, if you’re just mixing two metals, add a third color and metal in your bridge piece to contrast your jewelry pieces and give you something that really stands out.

Looking for more advice on how to mix metals to look your very best? Our expert staff at Hamra Jewelers would be glad to help you find that perfect combination. Come on down to our store to check out our exquisite collection of jewelry, or give us a call at 480-946-5110 for more information.