Luxury timepieces are built to last for generations, but for that to happen, they need to be serviced regularly. But what's ideal for one watch isn't necessary the best thing for another. How often should you get your watch serviced....really?  Read on to find out.

regular service

Just like your annual physical, a luxury watch needs to be serviced regularly. Most brands recommend servicing your watch every 5 - 7 years. These regular overhauls ensure that the inner workings of your luxury watch are clean and functioning, the seals are still waterproof, and the various oils and lubrications are still in good supply. It is also a chance to ensure that your watch still keeps time accurately. Letting your watch to too long without servicing puts it at risk for damage from dried oil or grit, increases the cost of your next service and it could even make you late for an important meeting.

emergency visits

Damages like a broken crystal, bracelet or moisture inside require you to bring the watch in regardless of how recently it has been serviced. A broken crystal or moisture inside the watch can damage the dial, which is one of the most expensive parts of a watch to replace.  A damaged bracelet renders your timepiece unwearable. If your watch experiences any of these symptoms, you should bring it in for service immediately.

in between check ups

Aside from an emergency visit or a regular service, you should bring your watch in for a check-up maintenance if you notice it keeping time inaccurately, if the bracelet does not fit or will be taking it on vacation with you. You don't want  your watch to fall off or be uncomfortable, you certainly don't want it to be inaccurate and you want to make sure it is watertight and in good working condition while you are away from your watchmaker. While not usually considered an emergency, you should still take your watch for a check-up if you are in any of these circumstances.

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