It doesn’t occur to many people to havetheir wedding ring inspected on a regular basis. In fact, most people do noteven realize that wedding rings can begin to breakdown over time. Prongs can getbent and break leading to the stone becoming loose. If not repaired, thediamond can fall out, sometimes unbeknownst to the owner.


This is the worst thing that couldpossibly happen to a wedding ring. Losing a diamond is not only a loss ofvalue, but memories and emotions as well. You may be able to replace thediamond, but the ring will always be just a little bit different.


You can avoid the stress and heartbreak ofa lost diamond by having your wedding ring inspected on a regular basis. Thismay seem to be a hassle, but when you consider the amount of money andemotional attachment that is associated with the ring, it’s worth it.


There are some advantages to doing a simple self-check on your own. You may not have the eye of a professional, but chances are you will be able to notice if the stone appears loose or if there is an obvious bent prong. Pay close attention to the prongs as they are most susceptible to getting snagged on clothing or bumped against hard surfaces. Prongs play a crucial role in holding the gemstone in place and keeping it affixed. If you notice a bent or broken prong, you should have it addressed right away. Fixing a prong is much less expensive than replacing a stone.


Even if you don’t see any problems yourself with your ring, it’s still a good idea to take your ring to a professional jeweler for a closer inspection occasionally. A professional is not only trained to find and detect any problems with the ring, but they also have the right equipment to do the job correctly.

Most professional inspections include a safety check, cleaning and polishing of your ring. The safety check and inspection will alert the jeweler to any specific problems that can be fixed. Loose stones will be tightened and worn-out parts will be replaced or fixed.

Next comes the cleaning and polishing. It’s surprising how dirty a ring can get. There are many nooks and crannies in rings and the more elaborate the ring, the more soiled the ring can get. Jewelers can clean the ring making it look brand new again.

If you haven’t had your wedding ring inspected for a while, now is the time! Call Hamra Jewelers to set up a time to have your ring inspected and cleaned. We can be reached at 480-946-5110.