Spend just a few minutes in any jewelry store and it becomes very apparent that there is something more than just size that affects the price of a diamond. Diamonds go through a process before they receive their final grade. The criteria used in grading a diamond include the following:

· Cut

· Clarity

· Color

· Carat weight

These 4 important factors are often referred to as the 4 C’s in diamond grading.


When someone talks about the cut of a diamond, they might be referring to one of two different things. The cut of the diamond describes the actual shape of the diamond, such as a “princess cut.” However, when it comes to the grade of the diamond, the cut is describing the reflective qualities of the diamond. The cut of the diamond plays a crucial role in how well a diamond is graded. The angle at which the diamond is cut determines how it reflects light. A good cut gives the diamond its brilliance and brightness.


Not every diamond is perfect. In fact, most have flaws either on the surface or within the diamond. The clarity grade of a diamond takes into account how many flaws are in the diamond and how those flaws affect the overall appearance of the diamond.

When determining the clarity of a diamond, each one is examined carefully using magnification. Clarity grades between “F” and “I1,2,3” are given based on how visible flaws are. A diamond with a clarity grade of “F” means it is flawless and is worth much more money.


When it comes to diamonds, the less color found in them the better. Diamonds with little to no color in them allow more light to pass through them, which adds to their sparkle. It is very rare to find a diamond with no color whatsoever.

There are some people who prefer some color in their diamonds. A hint of yellow, for example, can give the diamond and entirely different look making it more desirable to some.

Carat Weight

Another important factor to consider when grading a diamond is its weight. Because the formation of a diamond is so rare and requires such specific circumstances, its value goes up with its weight. A diamond’s weight is measured in carats. One carat is equal to 200 milligrams.

When you are looking to purchase a diamond, it helps to know what the different grades help determine the price.

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