To paraphrase Shakespeare: Too big or not too big? That is the question. When it comes to picking the perfect size stone for a ring, size can matter.  Trying to figure out which ring size is right for your beloved can be a serious challenge. 

Hamra Jewelers would be happy to help you find the right stone. We know a few rules of thumb and principles you can use to pick the perfect size stone for your perfect ring.


Stones are weighed in metric carats. One carat is equal to 0.2 grams. That is the equivalent of about the size of a paperclip in terms of weight. Carats and Karats are NOT interchangeable terms:  the definition of Karats refers to gold purity. Carats are divided up into 100 points. 

For example: a two carat ruby would be considered a 200-point stone.  A diamond with 50 points would weigh as 0.50 carats. Many stones used in fine Jewelry tend to weigh one carat or less, although much larger stone sizes are also readily available.

It’s important to understand how carats work because these are the measurements you’ll be hearing a lot about while examining different stone sizes.   What also makes a difference when it comes to your pocketbook is what your budget is. Even a slight fraction of a carat can make a big difference in cost when comparing different stones. While the carat size of a stone is an important determining factor in a stone’s value, it isn’t the only factor. Two stones with the same carat size can have very different values, depending on each stone’s color, clarity, and cut.

will it get in the way?

You definitely want to consider the lifestyle of your intended. Are they athletic? Do they do a lot of outdoor activities like gardening or swimming? Do they work with their hands? For people who live very active lives, the size of their stone can make a big difference: A large stone will definitely be eye-catching and lovely, but if it’s too big it could get in the way of their day-to-day activities, chancing breakage or loss of the stone. A ring should stand out, but it shouldn’t stand in their way.

does it fit their style?

If your beloved has a minimalist sensibility, getting them a large stone may not be the right choice. Whereas someone with a more lush, extravagant sensibility would crave and adore a larger stone. Consider how their other pieces of jewelry look. Are they big and bold pieces? Or small and subtle? Observe their tastes in other areas and this should give you a good idea as to what’s too big or too small to fit in the ring..

look at her hands

To learn about what range of carat sizes to work from, an important consideration to keep in mind is the size of the ring wearer’s hands. A big stone could look even larger on a small hand, whereas a larger stone might appear dwarfed on a larger hand. You should consider how the size of the stone will relate to the size of her hand. This will help you figure out a range of sizes to work from.

ask your soon to be

If the ring is meant to be a surprise, this might not be the best option to use. But If your intended enjoys being involved in the shopping process, it wouldn’t hurt to ask them what they want.  While some people cannot tell the difference in sizes of carats, there are Jewelry enthusiasts out there who know EXACTLY which carat size they want for their stones. If the person you’re ring shopping for happens to be one of those people, save yourself a lot of trouble and ask them what size ring would set their heart ablaze.

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