The most important thing to remember as you choose gifts for those at your wedding party is that they convey the right message. It has been said that the act of gifting tends to say more than the gift itself. This is true but be sure to take the time to give something that will be memorable and have special meaning for your friends.

box of cigars / humidor

One gift that would be great is a personalized humidor full of cigars. You can get their name engraved directly into the wood or on a metal plaque.  If you have a non-smoker in your wedding party, they still make an awesome gift as the boxes are beautiful.

toiletry bag

Good for the frequent traveler, a monogrammed leather toiletry bag will do the trick. The look, feel and smell of real leather will make them want to travel or....go the gym!

putting set

An executive putting set - perfect for your buddy who loves golf so much, he needs to be able to putt whenever he wants.

Patek Philippe rose gold cufflinks
Cufflinks are very useful especially for the wedding! There are so many styles to choose from - you have fun cufflinks with superheroes or cartoon characters; cufflinks in different metals and beautiful designer cufflinks that will be worn again and again.
patek philippe rose gold timepiece


One memorable gift would be a luxury timepiece.  Give a gift of class and sophistication that your friend will cherish for many years to come. The perfect gentleman's present; an automatic timepiece from a renowned brand would be the gift of a lifetime.