Don’t forget to clean your ring. You use your hands all day everyday whether you’re a teacher, chef, gardener, business owner or any other occupation. When you think about all the things you touch, push, brush against or squeeze it’s no surprise that dirt will build up, in, and on your ring. Most jewelers, including us here at Hamra, provide cleaning for your ring.

stay away from chemicals

Chemicals can also have an adverse effect on the metal and stones, especially harsh cleaning chemicals including bleach. Wearing gloves when cleaning is essential and removing your ring while showering and swimming is a good idea as well. The chemicals in the pool can be harmful to the metal as well. You also eliminate the chance of losing your ring down the drain or at the bottom of the pool or ocean.

have routine checks with your jeweler

If you have a prong set diamond, have the prongs checked regularly (every 2 years) to make sure they’re in good shape. Prongs can become bent, catching on clothing and bedding. Bent prongs can also allow the gem to become loose and rattle or even fall out.

it's ok to take your ring off

We do recommend removing your engagement ring when engaging in most strenuous activities. And by strenuous we mean hard on your hands. Gym equipment can be hard on the band and playing sports can cause you to bump the stone on things around you.

store your ring safely

If you take your ring off frequently for any reason such as going to the gym or working in the yard, store it safely. Not only will this keep it cleaner but it will be safer from damage. As we all know, diamonds are extremely strong, but not impervious to damage and you should treat yours with care and love. 

For upkeep and maintenance come to our store in Scottsdale.