Depending on how nervous you are to propose, shopping for the ring can be the most daunting part of a proposal. Engagement ring shopping can be stressful for many reasons. Are you going to get the right size? Will he/she like it? How much do I spend?

Here are some engagement ring shopping tips that are sure to help decrease your stress about making such a big-ticket item purchase.

round brilliant cut diamond engagement rings

Engagement Ring Shopping Tip #1

Ask What He or She Wants. If you think buying the wrong ring could ruin the moment because he or she does not like your choice, it may be best to approach your significant other beforehand. It does not have to ruin the element of surprise if you don’t give away details of the actual proposal. 

Chances are you two have already talked about getting engaged, so bringing up questions about the ring won’t be a huge surprise to your significant other.

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Engagement Ring Shopping Tip #2

Ask For Policy Information From Your Jeweler. If you’re going to select the ring without any input from your significant other, make sure the store has a return/exchange/trade-in policy. If it is necessary to exchange the ring for another, it’s good to know how much time you have to do this. 

Also, will they give you the full price for a trade-in?

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Engagement Ring Shopping Tip #3

Be Wary of Diamond "Sales" - Jewelry stores, diamond retailers or consignors will never ever go below the market price. It’s important to do your research and see how much the diamond has been marked up in order for the seller to afford the ‘sale’ price. Some ‘sale’ diamonds will cost more than an equivalent diamond at a smaller store. Chain stores and internet diamond retailers are notorious for over-the-top mark-ups.

The most important piece of advice we have when engagement ring shopping is this: choose a Jeweler that you know is an expert when it comes to Jewelry. The relationship with your Jeweler goes beyond the buying process. Routine Jewelry maintenance and repairs will be less stressful if you have a jeweler you can trust and know you can rely on.

Here at Hamra Jewelers, we strive to be honest, fair and have the highest quality jewelry selection. Browse our online engagement ring selection or visit our Scottsdale jewelry store.

And Stay tuned for Part 2 of our “Engagement ring shopping tips!”