Commitment rings, engagement rings, wedding rings, anniversary rings… So many ways to show your love how devoted you are to them.

Sometimes you have a love so strong that you want to do more than just get them a wedding ring. You want something that says “Forever” on their finger. 

At Hamra Jewelers, we know that one of the best ways to send that message is with an eternity band.

sapphire and diamond eternity bands


Eternity bands, also known as infinity bands, are rings that are most often worn by women, though men’s eternity bands are starting to become more popular. It’s a precious metal band that’s typically made from gold or platinum. 

Gemstones or diamonds go all the way around the ring’s band in a continuous line. This unbroken line of stones symbolizes a love that is without end.
emerald cut diamond eternity band in platinum

how is it different from a wedding band?

Whereas most wedding rings will usually not have any stones on them, an eternity band displays several stones. The band itself is also different than most other rings. 

Eternity bands have the same millimeter width all the way around instead of being tapered in the back like engagement and anniversary rings.
diamond band in yellow gold

what is the difference between a full eternity and a half eternity band?

Eternity bands come in two types: Full and Half. A full band is the classic eternity style with the stones going all the way around. A half eternity band has a line of stones that only goes across the top half of the band. Some people opt for the half style for budgetary reasons. They also tend to be slightly more practical when wearing them on a daily basis. 

The full eternity rings look gorgeous but having precious stones on the underside of your rings means you have to be a bit more careful with that hand: Diamonds and gemstones can scratch and get chipped. With a half eternity ring you won’t have the same issue since the bottom half of the ring is metal.

diamond eternity band in white gold

why should i get an eternity band?

With their classic style and elegant design, eternity bands are a great way to show your eternal love. 

You can get creative and customize the ring so your love will have something as unique and one of a kind as they are.

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