Let’s face it…some people just aren’t thrilled with their own birthstone. They may have given it their best shot by trying to incorporate their birthstone in a pendant, necklace or ring, but at the end of the day that color just doesn’t do it for them.

If you are one of the many people who just don’t like their birthstone, we’re here to tell you it’s okay! You are not breaking any laws or disrupting the course of the galaxy. In fact, it’s even okay if you like the birthstone of another month.

We know that there are some people out there that it is simply not okay to wear any gemstone besides your own. Some take gemstones and birthstones very seriously and even believe in superstitions that say you will be cursed by wearing any other birthstone besides your own. These superstitions and traditions go back for centuries and were once taken much more seriously than they are now.

If everyone were to follow these traditions, then technically, no one besides those born in April should be wearing diamonds. Based on how many people wear diamonds these days, we’re pretty sure people are okay with forgoing those old school traditions.

popular birthstones

The truth is the birthstones that represent the 12 months of the year are by far the most popular gemstones there are. This means it would be very difficult not to like something other than your own. If you only wore your own birthstone, you would be very limited in what you could and couldn’t wear.

We’ve already mentioned diamonds, but what about rubies? Rubies are one of the most beautiful and popular gemstones on the market today. Jewelry designers everywhere use rubies when creating everything from bracelets to earrings, even using them as accent stones for engagement rings.

ruby and diamond stud earrings

mix & match

When you’re dealing with such vibrant and radiant colors, what fun is it to only stick to one birthstone? Try mixing and matching gemstones to come with your own style. If you are heavy into fashion, you’ll know that certain birthstones just won’t work with certain clothing or certain colors. This is when you’ll want the flexibility to mix up your choice of birthstones to find the perfect match for what you are wearing.

Here’s a perfect example of mixing up gemstones. Do you know any mothers out there who wear a ring with the birthstone of each child in it? There’s someone who is not afraid of the superstitions of old and is willing to shake things up!

Hamra Jewelers hopes that you can enjoy all birthstones no matter when you were born. There are so many beautiful sapphires, emeralds and rubies to choose from. Come see what we have to offer. Feel free to give us a call if you are looking for something specific. 480-946-5110.