The best gifts have a personal touch to them. Nothing is as endearing as knowing that someone thought of you, a gift that is particularly tailored to your tastes and style. Birthstones are a great way to add that personalized touch to any piece of jewelry: It turns any gift into a celebration of their existence!

At Hamra Jewelers, we have a great selection of jewelry featuring different birthstones and have the ability to custom make a piece with the stone of your choice. Here is why a birthstone is a gift that will be treasured forever.

a special gift for a special lady

Birthstones are a great way to personalize a gift for a Mom. You can get a birthstone for her birthday month or for the birth months of her children. You can do both as well: Getting a custom piece of jewelry adorned with both your mother's and child's birthstones is a touching and thoughtful gift.

One of the major advantages of getting a birthstone is that they can offer you a range of color and style options to play with. Birthstones look great in necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings.

Birthstones By Month

Birthstones do vary throughout the year. While tradition has associated precious stones with certain months, the truth is that there are several different birthstones for each month. There are many different lists of which stones are associated with birthdays. If you are getting stones for someone who is interested in astrology, the zodiac uses their own set of birthstones to correspond with each month.

We like to use the list compiled by The Gemological Institute of America. They have a great mix of different stone types and colors - please see below:

Loose Garnet


Garnet, January’s birthstone, is one of the most diverse gemstones, as it comes in an extraordinary range of colors. The garnet birthstone is mined around the world and symbolizes many different positive emotions. 

Loose Amethyst


Amethyst, the February birthstone, is the purple variety of quartz and is said to cure drunkenness and make you quick-witted in business. You once had to be rich to own this birthstone for February, but new finds have made it more affordable.

Loose Aquamarine and Bloodstone


Aquamarine and bloodstone are the two birthstones for March. One evokes blue skies and calming waters while the other represents health and strength. 

Loose Diamond


Those born in the month of April are lucky enough to call the diamond, a scintillating stone, their birthstone. The April birthstone is also rich in history and can be found in many unique places. 

Loose Emerald


Emerald is the May birthstone – and it’s a perfect choice. Its enchanting greens mirror the splendor of spring. Few places on earth have the geological conditions needed to produce the coveted May birthstone. 

Loose pearl, alexandrite and moonstone


Pearl, alexandrite and moonstone are the three birthstones for June. Learn about their history and where these three June birthstones can be found, so that you can buy the perfect June birthstone for yourself or a loved one.  

loose ruby


Ruby, the king of precious gems represents passion, love and success. Shopping for ruby, the July birthstone? Learn about its history, origins, care and cleaning, and where they can be found in order to help you pick the right one for yourself or a loved one. 

loose peridot and spinel


If you were born in August then you have a plethora of birthstones to choose from. Peridot, spinel and sardonyx are the three birthstones for August and they come in a variety of shapes and colors. 

loose sapphire


Sapphire, the September birthstone comes in all the colors of the rainbow – except red. Learn more about the birthstone of wisdom, loyalty and nobility and discover its history and where it can be found. 

loose opal and tourmaline


Opal and tourmaline are the two birthstones for October. Both of these gemstones are known for their endless color combinations and are believed to have been created from rainbows.

loose topaz and citrine


Topaz and citrine are the two birthstones for November. Both are fairly abundant making them affordably priced. These two November birthstones are known for their calming energies and can be found around the world. 

loose turquoise, tanzanite and zircon


Turquoise, tanzanite and zircon are the three birthstones for December. These December birthstones are mined around the world and all have their own unique take on the color blue, allowing you to choose the birthstone that best fits your style.