You’ve found that special someone and you’re ready to pop the question. You’ve even got a gorgeous ring picked out for her. There’s just one problem: You have no idea what her ring size is! How can you figure out this important piece of information without spoiling the big surprise?

At Hamra Jewelers, we know that it can be a challenge to figure out your loved one’s size. Here are seven sneaky ways to find her ring size.

get a ring size chart

Having a ring size chart will make your detective work a lot easier. Most charts are large enough that you can place a ring on top of any of its images and see if it matches the fit beneath it. While it’s advisable to consult a professional jeweler to get the most accurate results, it can be hard to bring them into the picture without giving away the surprise.

get her rings cleaned

A simple and effective trick to figuring out her ring size is to offer to have her jewelry cleaned for her. Not only is it a thoughtful gesture, but it also gives you a chance to get your hands on her jewelry without arousing any suspicion. You can then take them to get cleaned and have her rings measured.

the bar of soap trick

An easy way to figure out her ring size is to use the bar of soap trick. Wait until she goes to bed. Does she take off any of her rings? If she does, take the ring and press it into a bar of soap to create an imprint of the ring size. Carefully rinse and dry off the ring before returning it to where you found it. Now all you’ll have to do is match the inside of the band to the size chart and voila!

One thing to keep in mind about this trick: Pay attention to which finger the ring is on. Make sure that the ring you’re measuring is going to be on a finger that can support it. You don’t want to buy her a ring that’s sized for a pinkie finger when you’re looking for something to fit on her ring finger.

the feigned purchase

Take her along on your next jewelry shopping excursion. Pretend that you’re there to buy a ring as a gift for someone else: Your mother, sister, or some other family member. Ask her to try on some rings to help you find the right size. Call the jeweler ahead of time to let them know what you’re doing, so that when you show up you can have them accurately size your beloved’s finger without her being any the wiser.

borrow one of her rings

This one can be tricky to pull off. If you’re caught in the act, you’ll have some explaining to do. This one is easy to do if you both already live together. Borrow one of her rings and take it to the jewelers to find out what size it is. It’s a quick process: You can sneak the ring out and have it back in its rightful place without her noticing.

ask a friend

Ask a friend of hers or a family member for her ring size. If they don’t know, try and recruit them into helping you. See if they’ll take her out to a jewelry store and have her try out some rings or ask them to subtly pry it out of her in conversation. This is a difficult option, because you have to rely on her friend being someone who is discreet and won’t give away your secret.

the sleep test

If your lady is a deep sleeper, you can try measuring her finger as she sleeps. You can do this by wrapping a piece of paper or string around her ring finger. You can then take this measuring strip to a jeweler who will be able to figure out her size based on that.

go big

If worse comes to worst and you can’t figure out her ring size, you should err on the side of buying big. Most rings can be resized so long as they aren’t more than one and a half sizes larger than the desired size. One thing to keep in mind: It’s much harder to resize rings that have gems or diamonds running along the band.

Once you get her ring size, it’s time to go shopping! Come visit Hamra Jewelers and check out our collection of rings. For more information, give us a call at 480-946-5110.