You’ve got your ring and now you want to show it off. It’s a natural reaction: You’re proud of your ring, you love your ring, why not show it off? The easiest way to show it off to the world is with a selfie. A perfect ring selfie for your perfect ring.

At Hamra Jewelers, we know how to make a ring look good. If you’re going to take a ring selfie you got to do it right: The perfect ring deserves the perfect shot! Follow these five tips and you’ll have everyone you know swooning over your selfie.

get a manicure

Before you take your perfect ring selfie, make sure that your hands are perfect! Your hands are going to be spotlighted as part of your ring selfie. Show them the same care you’d show your face when taking a portrait. You want to draw attention towards your ring, that shining symbol of your union with your beloved. You don’t want to be drawing attention to cracked skin or worn-down fingernails.

don't forget him

Your ring may be beautiful, but never forget that it’s more than an object: It represents something greater. It’s a physical embodiment of two people coming together and forging a lifetime commitment. So, when you take your selfie, highlight that union by bringing in your other half! What better way to show how much you appreciate this wonderful gift than by including the generous soul who gave it to you in your picture?

you need light to shine

Your ring can’t show off its bewitching sparkle if you’re taking your picture in a closet! Anyone who dabbles in photography knows that nothing can make or break a good picture like lighting. If you want your selfie to shine, you’ll want to be in proper lighting. You don’t want to be in an environment that is TOO bright: Too much light may overwhelm and nullify the luminous qualities of your stones and can appear blurry.

show off your smile

Don’t just show off your hand: Let us see your face! The only thing that should shine brighter in your picture than your ring is the smile on your face. A winning smile puts people at ease. Smiles are infectious: Just the sight of seeing someone smiling, whether in person or in a picture, can make other people smile too. Spread your joy around.

share with your nearest & dearest

After you take your selfie, hold off on sharing it on social media. Share it with your family and friends. The people who are closest to you and your groom. It will make them feel more special for getting a chance to see your picture first. These are also people who can be honest with you: If your selfie doesn’t come out well, they will let you know. It’s easy for one element to be off: Perhaps the lighting? Or maybe the framing is just a little bit off… Whatever it is if there’s an imperfection in your perfect ring selfie your nearest and dearest will be able to sniff it out.

Want to find the perfect ring to showcase in your next selfie? Come on down to Hamra Jewelers and check out our wide selection of beautiful, camera-ready rings! Feel free to give us a call at 480-946-5110.