A common misconception that jewelry owners have about their pieces is that they are indestructible. After all, jewelry is usually made out of metal and can have precious stones - what could possibly go wrong?  Many things, actually.

Treat a piece of jewelry with care and it can last forever: Being careless can cause you to have some issues.

make up, lipstick and nail polish

applying makeup

When getting ready to go out, save your jewelry for last. We suggest NOT applying any makeup or perfume after you put your jewelry on. This applies to hair care products, lotions or moisturizers as well. Most hair care products contain chemicals that can erode precious metals. 

A good rule of thumb: apply your makeup and perfume a good 15 minutes prior to putting on your jewelry. This gives your skin time to absorb anything that can be damaging. 

Many gemstones are easily damaged by makeup and perfume as well. Pearls are very porous and can absorb the chemicals easily.  After time, this will weaken the nacre surrounding the pearl and the luster will start to diminish.
woman sleeping in bed


Remember to remove your jewelry before retiring to bed. While the risk of damaging your jewelry while sleeping is minimal, the real danger comes from hurting yourself or loved one. Engagement rings can have sharp prongs that can scratch yourself or your partner. Earring posts can have sharp ends and a bracelet can break if pulled.
woman cooking with vegetables


If there's one room in your house where jewelry does not belong, it's in the kitchen. Cooking while wearing jewelry can cause long-lasting damage. Cooking oils and fats can stain your metals. Particles of food can get lodged in ring settings. Detergent and soaps can make certain stones cloudy, extinguishing their inner fire. 

Your kitchen is also a place where you can easily lose a piece of jewelry. A ring could slip off and fall into the garbage disposal, or an earring can fall off and land in your food.
woman swimming

swimming & athletics

People like to look their best at the beach, so it is natural to want to wear jewelry when you hit the sand and the surf. You should think twice before wearing any jewelry to the beach. If you do, remember to take them off before going swimming. If you lose a piece in the ocean, it will probably be impossible to find. 

It isn't just the ocean to worry about: You shouldn't wear your jewelry in a swimming pool either. Chlorine can cloud up and tarnish your jewelry over time.

There is a time and a place for luxury jewelry: Exercise and sports is not one of them. Most diamonds and gemstones are sturdy and durable, but that  doesn't mean they can't be damaged. Stones can get chipped and cracked if you are engaged in strenuous physical activities. Your gemstones could also scratch and damage other objects and surfaces, which is why wearing jewelry doing anything that involves a lot of handwork is not a good idea.

It is not just your stones you have to worry about. A lot of jewelry have clasps and mountings that can easily be damaged by exercise. You are better off leaving your precious pieces at home before heading out to break a sweat.