When choosing jewelry to wear to the office, you will want to make sure you are wearing something that is both attractive and appropriate for your workplace. Whether you realize it or not, your jewelry makes a strong statement about who you are.

Most people would agree that it is probably best to play it safe when it comes to jewelry at the workplace, especially when it is a new job and you are working on establishing yourself. Conservative earrings, necklaces and rings still allow you to add some style in your office fashion, but stop short of going overboard.

Of all jewelry that one could wear to work, perhaps none is more appropriate and makes a stronger statement than a pendant. Pendants are known as one of the oldest forms of adornment and have served a variety of uses. Often combined with necklaces, bracelets and other types of jewelry, pendants can be used in unlimited shapes, sizes, designs, and colors.

Here are 3 examples of how to best wear a pendant in a professional setting:

diamond necklace in rose gold


Nothing is more traditional than wearing diamonds. Diamonds seem to speak to everyone, no matter how old or what their background. A sparkling diamond pendant on the end of necklace is an excellent way to make a confident statement in the office. We suggest you stick with something modest and not too large when wearing a diamond pendant to the office. 

Larger diamonds should be reserved for more formal occasions.
heart shaped sapphire necklace with diamonds


You can never go wrong with wearing sapphires to the office. The calming blue hues work well with any outfit. They can be understated or simply glamourous depending on the how they are worn. 
diamond necklace


When your goal is to subtly tell a story of who you are and where you came from, a clean and simple charm pendant can be of assistance. We offer a wide selection of charm pendants with different gemstones at Hamra that can be worn to work and help others learn more about you.