Jewelry is one of the most personal accessories you can wear because it isso customizable. Not only are there countless gemstones to choose from — evenyour gold can be adapted to suit your tastes.

yellow gold

Yellow gold is a classic and has been the most common choice for settingjewelry over the years. It’s traditional, sentimental and compliments any skintone. It’s also hypoallergenic, making it a great choice for individuals withsensitive skin or allergies to other metals.

Yellow gold is usually the softest of the three golds, so it may be moreprone to scratches and dents than other colors. If extra durability is aconcern, you may want to consider another color.

white gold

Over the past couple of decades white gold has taken the place of yellowgold as the most popular choice for many jewelry styles, especially when pairedwith diamonds. Its brilliant finish accents the beautiful stones perfectly,adding an extra wow factor and a clean, monochromatic look to your jewelry.

The downside to white gold is that the brilliance may fade over time. Whitegold jewelry is plated with rhodium, which gives it the high polish that we thinkof when we think of white gold. White gold will likely need to be re-platedevery few years to maintain its shine; however, this is an inexpensiveprocedure.

Additionally, white gold may not be hypoallergenic. White gold is created bymixing yellow gold with a whiter “bleaching” metal like palladium, or morefrequently, nickel — a metal to which about 20 percent of the world isallergic.

rose gold

Rose gold has rapidly risen in popularity over the last few years. It’s abit trendier than the other colors of gold, and thanks to its pinkish hue, isalso a bit more romantic, feminine and delicate-looking.

Despite its delicate look, rose gold is the strongest of the three golds. Itis mixed with copper, which creates a stronger alloy than yellow or white goldand gives it the characteristic rosy color. However, copper is nothypoallergenic, so if you suffer from sensitive skin you may want to opt for yellowgold.