FAQ - Hamra Jewelers

Hamra Jewelers is open by appointment. We offer curbside pickup and free delivery from 10A - 5P Monday - Saturday.

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 Can you explain the difference between the shape and the cut of a diamond? 

Are there any rules for choosing an engagement ring? 

There are a lot of jewlers in Arizona, what makes Hamra unique? 

What is repurposed jewelery? 

What are the top brands Hamra carries? 

What makes Mikimoto pearls so amazing? 

How do I choose a diamond for an engagement ring? 

What are the top bridal brands? 

What types of watch repairs does Hamra provide? 
What is a diamond certificate and why do I need one? 
What's the difference between a certificate and an appraisal? 
How do I replace a watch battery?